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CP2025 or CM2320 with a cleaning mode problem?

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-06365 Views: 17203 Created: 02-21-2014 10:50 am Last Updated: 02-21-2014 05:05 pm 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

Have you tried working on a CP2025 or CM2320 with a cleaning mode problem?

When you make two or more copies or printouts it will stop after the second page and you get a message on the screen that says cleaning and then misfeed press OK. If you try and cancel the print job it will print out a couple of pages and go into cleaning mode again then misprint.

Now, I have seen and heard if you take the belt out and clean everything inside after removing the belt and blow out the misregistration sensor it may resolve the issue.  I have also heard try updating the firmware, replace the formatter, replace the DC controller, do a cold restart or try replacing the feed roller

The best way to resolve the issue is to make changes in either the HP ToolboxFX software or the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

You will need the toolbox software if you can't use the EWS, which can be downloaded at  Do not change any of the settings in the printer driver; leave those at their default settings.

In System Tab and Paper Handling:
Make sure the settings match those listed below:

• Default paper size: A4 or Letter

• Default paper type: Plain

• Manual Feed: Off

Tray 1 Size: Any Size

Tray 1 Type: Any Type

Tray 2 Size: A4 or Letter

Tray 2 Type: Heavy 111-130g

• Tray 3 Size: A4 or Letter

• Tray 3 Type: Heavy 111-130g

In Paper Out Handling:
Specify Time and Action:

• Paper Out Time: 0 Seconds

• Paper Out Action: Override

In System Tab and Print Quality:

• Power on Calibration: 60 Minutes

• Calibration Timing: 168 Hours

Making these adjustments typically solves the problem.
Tray 2 and Tray 3 availability will differ depending on the print.