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PC and Printer not talking?

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-06226 Views: 4711 Created: 12-23-2013 11:56 am Last Updated: 12-23-2013 11:57 am 100 Rating/ 1 Voters


Have you walked up to a dead printer before? Not dead meaning power, dead meaning nothing the end user prints will not be produced by the device. The printer may give you a few clues if you are lucky. These are just a few:

1.       The first being the error code EIO Slot 80.x error. This error basically lets you know there is a problem with the slot the JetDirect card may be attached to.

2.       Maybe you get no EIO page

3.       If you do get an EIO page is the networking info correct?

4.       Are other printers not printing either?

5.       Are you getting any blinking lights on the JetDirect card?

6.       If using the same port as the PC does the PC have internet connection?

·         If you are getting an EIO slot error where your JetDirect card is installed first try reseating the card if there is no change then try a different slot if possible. Hopefully there is another printer around that you can try the JetDirect card in. If it works in the other printer then you need to check some other things that have to do with communications.

·         If you get no EIO page you most likely have a bad JetDirect card, replace the card if replacing the card does not fix the issue you will need to replace the formatter.

·         If you get an EIO page (JetDirect card) and the top of the page says ready, do you have the correct networking info? IP Address, Gateway, and subnet mask. If one digit is incorrect it may not communicate properly, but may read as ready.

·         Could it be that the network is down? Are the other printers able to print? I have had service calls in which I was told the printer won’t print out my reports. Are these auto generated reports you may need to reach out to the IT department for something like this.

·         Another clue that will be very helpful are the lights on the JetDirect card itself. One of the first things I do is check those lights. If the lights are blinking I next check the EIO page to verify the network info is correct.

·         The last step I take is normally checking the port connections. If more than one device is networked try swapping the connections. If the other device begins to fail it is most likely a problem with the ports hardware. Maybe the cable that is attached to the device is bad try swapping cables.  

Some other things you may want to try:

Remove all the jobs from the print queue maybe there is a job stuck in the queue not letting any jobs to print out. Remove and reinstall the printer drivers. Before purchasing parts you should always try and upgrade the firmware on the JetDirect card and the printer. 


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