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HP 5000 error codes

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-06155 Views: 5933 Created: 12-16-2013 04:09 pm Last Updated: 12-16-2013 04:09 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

55    PRINTER ERROR      An internal communication error occurred,  Recommended action, press (GO)  the page containing the error will automatically be reprinted.

2. Check the power at the site.   2. Replaced the formatter PCA       3. Replaced the DC controller.

56. x  PRINTER ERROR.   A temporary printing error,   X Description  1 illegal  input,  2 illegal output.   Recommended action, Press (GO)  the page containing the error

will automatically be reprinted.   turn the printer off , and then turn the printer on , check the printer configuration.

57. x  PRINTER ERROR     A fan motor error has occurred.    1 Printer fan.  Recommended action,  check the fans connector and make sure the fan is not blocked.

2.  Replaced the fan.

59.x   PRINTER ERROR    A motor error has occurred.   1= Motor start up error     2= Motor rotation error.   Recommended action,  turn the printer off and back on

2 make sure the Fuser or Tone Cartridge is not hindering movement of gears in the drive train.  3 Check the motor cable to ensure that it is seated properly.

If the error persists replaced the motor.