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M600, M601, M602, M603, 80.0X.YY Embedded JetDirect error

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-06038 Views: 3349 Created: 11-12-2013 10:36 am Last Updated: 11-12-2013 10:36 am 0 Rating/ Voters


Embedded HP JetDirect print server critical error 

  • 80.01.80 (event code) 
    No heartbeat 
  • 80.01.81 (event code)
    Reclaim timeout 
  • 80.01.82 (event code) 
    Invalid data length 
  • 80.01.8B (event code) 
    Invalid max outstanding packet header field 
  • 80.01.8C (event code) 
    Invalid channel mapping 
  • 80.03.01 (event code) 
    No PGP buffers 
  • 80.03.02 (event code)
    Channel table full 
  • 80.03.03 (event code)
    Producer index not reset 
  • 80.03.04 (event code)
    Consumer index not reset 
  • 80.03.05 (event code) 
    Queue position size too small 
  • 80.03.06 (event code) 
    Transport overflow 
  • 80.03.07 (event code) 
    No overflow packets
  • 80.03.08 (event code)
    Invalid identify response 
  • 80.03.09 (event code)
    Invalid channel map return status 
  • 80.03.1080.03.10 (event code) 
    Invalid reclaim return status 
  • 80.03.12 (event code) 
    Datagram invalid buffer 
  • 80.03.13 (event code) 
    Max stream channels 
  • 80.03.14 (event code) 
    Max datagram channels 
  • 80.03.15 (event code) 
    Card reset failed 
  • 80.03.16 (event code) 
    Self test failure 
    80.03.17 (event code)
    Unknown PGP packet 
  • 80.03.18 (event code)
    Duplicate I/O channel.

Recommended action:

Turn the product off, and then on. 

If the error persists, replace the formatter

For parts pricing and availability contact or

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