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HP M4345 Common issues and solutions

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05921 Views: 6020 Created: 10-04-2013 10:49 am Last Updated: 10-09-2013 02:23 pm 100 Rating/ 1 Voters

The HP laser jet  M4345, is designed to be shared by a work group. The printer can be used to copy and print black and white documents or to digitally send black and white documents. The MFP can also send and receive faxes, you will need to have a fax accessory installed though. 

 Here are few common problems that you may run into with this unit:

  1. Bad envelope feeder connection, the envelope feeder is not connected.
  •  Recommended action:
    • Remove and reinstall the envelope feeder. If this message persists, replaced the envelope feeder
  1. Check cables check scanner lock. The scanner might be locked or the interface cable might be seated incorrectly. 
  • Recommended actions:
    •  Lift up the ADF assembly and check the scanner lock to make sure that it is in the unlock position.
    •  Check that the Connector CN102 on the scanner-controller PCA is firmly seated. 
    •  Check the connector CN104 on the scanner-controller PCA is firmly seated. 
    •   Check the connector CN101 on the scanner-controller PCA is firmly seated.
  1. Cartridge Failure return for replacement. The print cartridge still contains part of the sealing tape. 
  • Recommended actions:
    • Try to remove the remaining sealing tape , if it cannot be removed. Insert a new toner cartridge and return the bad cartridge.
  1. Output bin fully.  The specific output bin is full and the printer cannot continue printing.
  • Recommended actions:
    • Empty the bin to continue printing.
  1. 40 Embedded I/O bad transmission. A temporary printing error has occurred. 
  • Recommended actions:
    • Turn the MFP off, and then turn the MFP on.  If the message persists, the embedded HP JetDirect print server might be damaged.
    • Replace the formatter. 
  1. 41.3 Media to short cannot duplex. The MFP cannot print on both sides of the selected media because the media does not meet the minimum length requirements.
  • Recommended actions:
    • Select the face up output option, or load longer size media in the tray.
    • Resend the job.
  1. 41.3  UNEXPECTED SIZE  IN tray XX LOAD TRAY XX.  This  is typically caused if two or more sheet of media stick together in the MFP or if the tray are not adjusted correctly. 
  • Recommended action:
    • Reload the tray with the correct media size. Reconfigure the size in the tray so the MFP will use a tray that contains the size required for the print job. follow instructions in the on-screen dialog box.
  1. 41.<X> error. 41.2 = Beam detect error, A temporary printing error occurred.
  • Recommended action:
    • Touch ok to clear the error. If the error is not cleared, turn the MFP off, and then turn the MFP on.
    • If these errors become a frequent problem replace the DC controller.

These are just a few of the common problems you will run into when using the M4345 MFP. If you have any other issues or just need some help with an odd problem call us at Metrofuser, we will be happy to help!!

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