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Checklist for solving fax problems

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05847 Views: 3530 Created: 09-23-2013 11:05 am Last Updated: 12-10-2013 02:11 pm 100 Rating/ 1 Voters
Use the following checklist to help identify the cause of any fax-related problems you encounter:
  • Are you using the fax cable supplied with the fax accessory? This fax accessory has been tested with the supplied fax cable to meet RJ11 and functional specifications. Do not substitute another fax cable; the analog-fax accessory requires an analog-fax cable. It also requires an analog phone connection.
  • Is the fax/phone line connector seated in the outlet on the fax accessory? Make sure that the phone jack is correctly seated in the outlet. Insert the connector into the outlet until it "clicks."
  • Is the phone wall jack working properly? Verify that a dial tone exists by attaching a phone to the wall jack. Can you hear a dial tone, and can you make or receive a phone call?
What type of phone line are you using?
  • Dedicated line: A standard analog fax/phone line assigned to receive or send faxes.
    NOTE:The phone line should be for product fax use only and not shared with other types of telephone devices. Examples include alarm systems that use the phone line for notifications to a monitoring company.
  • PBX system: A business-environment phone system. Standard home phones and the fax accessory use an analog phone signal. Some PBX systems are digital and might not be compatible with the fax accessory. You need to have access to a standard analog phone connection to be able to send and receive faxes.
  • Roll-over lines: A phone system feature where a new call "rolls over" to the next available line when the first incoming line is busy. Try attaching the product to the first incoming phone line. The fax accessory answers the phone after it rings the number of times set in the rings-to-answer setting.
    NOTE:Roll-over lines can cause problems with receiving faxes. Using roll-over lines with this product is not recommended.
NOTE:Roll-over lines can cause problems with receiving faxes. Using roll-over lines with this product is not recommended.
Are you using a surge-protection device?
A surge-protection device can be used between the wall jack and the fax accessory to protect the fax accessory against electrical power passed through the phone lines. These devices can cause some fax communication problems by degrading the quality of the phone signal. If you are having problems sending or receiving faxes and are using one of these devices, connect the product directly to the phone jack on the wall to determine whether the problem is with the surge-protection device.
Are you using a phone company voice-messaging service or an answering machine?
If the rings-to-answer setting for the messaging service is lower than the rings-to-answer setting for the fax accessory, the messaging service answers the call, and the fax accessory cannot receive faxes. If the rings-to-answer setting for the fax accessory is lower than that of the messaging service, the fax accessory answers all calls.
Does your phone line have a call-waiting feature?

If the fax telephone line has an activated call-waiting feature, a call-waiting notice can interrupt a fax call in progress, which causes a communication error. Ensure that a call-waiting feature is not active on the fax telephone line.

Still stuck try these?

  1. Try replacing the ribbon cable if not included with a replacement fax card. 
  2. Try replacing the Formatter board which the fax card is connected to.
  3. I read somewhere that it can still be the phone line. Nowadays most phone lines are not completely analog lines. The lines require digital cards that will translate between analog and digital. Like all cards there is a chance a card can go bad. So the phone line will test ok but when it makes the switch from analog to digital it will fail. The best way to test this would be to get a good working fax and try on that line or use the failing fax on a verified good line. 

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