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Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05586 Views: 8880 Created: 07-17-2012 04:02 pm Last Updated: 07-31-2012 05:03 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

 Maximize workgroup productivity, easily manage print jobs and improve workflow processes with the HP LaserJet Enterprise CM4540 MFP series. Designed to meet the needs of a managed enterprise with high volume users, the CM4540 can reliably print, scan, and copy at fast speeds and can seamlessly support multiple workflows with a robust paper handling capability of up to 2,100 sheets. The device features intuitive document management functionalities, including digital send image preview with page editor, advanced security options, and a walk-up USB to keep printing environments secure with minimal interruptions. The HP LaserJet Enterprise CM4540 Multifunction Printer series helps reduce the impact on the environment with Instant-on technology, which reduces energy use up to 50% and automatic two-sided printing. The HP LaserJet Enterprise CM4540 MFP series also supports HP ePrint, which allows users the freedom and convenience to print anytime, anywhere from any web-connected device. HP ePrint will be available later this year via a free, opt-in firmware update.   Key features and benefit for this unit are,

 Intuitive HP Easy Select pivoting color touch screen control panel with digital send image preview to ensure accuracy; walk-up USB port to print directly from and save scans to flash drives

HP Secure High Performance embedded hard disk and an access port for an optional Kensington-style lock to help protect important business assets

Maximize efficiency with superior paper handling including a 100-sheet multipurpose tray, 500-sheet input tray, 500-sheet output bin; additional paper handling input options of 500-sheet Paper Feeder, 500-sheet Paper Feeder and cabinet or 3 x 500-sheet paper feeder and stand, and additional paper handling output of a 900-sheet 3-bin stapling mailbox (4)

Increase productivity with built-in automatic two-sided printing and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder; handle large size scanning jobs with the legal-size flatbed scanner

1.5 GB total memory and 800 MHz processor to quickly handle complex print jobs and up to 120,000-page monthly duty cycle

Fast print speeds of up to 42 pages per minute in both color and in black and a first page out from Ready mode in as fast as 9.5 seconds; print high-quality prints with 1200 x 1200 dpi output

 Compatible with robust manageability and extensibility solutions including HP Web Jetadmin, HP Color Access Controls, HP Open Extensibility Platform, and HP ePrint

 Quickly and easily configure digital sending features with the new save-to-folder and scan-to-email setup wizards embedded in the device and  energy star qualified: use instant on Technology

and get up to 50 percent energy saving over competitive products.  Here are some step by step guide to solution to problems that may occur.   The product will not print : If the product will not print there are several things that need to be checked and verified. In many cases this is a process of elimination that involves the following:

1 Verify that the product hardware is functioning correctly. This can be done by printing test pages from the product, either through the control panel or front panel buttons.

         Scroll to and touch the administration button

        Open the following menus


        Configuration/ Status pages

        configuration page

        Touch the print button to print the report,  The report consists of several pages

If the product hardware is working properly then checking and verifying driver communication to the product. This involves printing test pages from the driver. If these test pages from the driver do not print then there is a communication issue between the product and the PC. Many times an uninstall and reinstall of the drivers/software can resolve these issues.

If the product can print test pages from the driver then printing from specific applications needs to be tested. Start with Notepad to test basic functionality. Many times the issue can be a specific application or even just a specific file from a specific application.   Here are some step by step guide to to paper jams issue.  Use this illustration to identify locations of jams.

In addition, instructions appear on the control panel to direct you to the location of jammed paper and how to clear it

(1)  document feeder   ( 2 )  Right door  ( 3)  Tray 1   (4) Tray 2, and optional tray 3, 4, and 5,    The follow illustration shows the paper path sensors that determine when the product is

experiencing a paper path jam.    Clear jams in the document feeder

1   Open the document feeder cover

2   Lift the jam access door, and remove any jammed paper

3   Close the document feeder cover.

Clear paper jams in the stapler / stacker assembly

1  Lift the gray latch on the front of stapler stacker, and open the stapler cover.

2  If jammed paper is visible underneath the paper guide, Pull it straight out.

3  Lift the green jam access door. If jammed paper is visible under the jam access door, pull it straight out

4  Close the staple cover

Clear jams in the output bin area

1 If paper is visible from the output, grasp the leading edge and remove it.

Clear jams from under the scanner assembly

1 Pull the scanner latch forward, and then lift the scanner up.

2  Remove any jammed sheets that are under the scanner assembly

3   Close the scanner assembly.

Clear jams in the right door

1  Open the right door

2  Gently pull the paper out of the pickup  area

3    If paper is visible entering the bottom of the fuser, gently pull downward to remove it

4  If paper is jammed as it enter the output bin, remove the fuser and gently pull the paper downward to remove it.

5   Paper could be jammed inside the fuser where it would not be visible. Grasp the fuser handles, lift up slightly, and then pull straight out to remove the fuser.

Caution :  The fuser can be hot while the product is in use.  Wait for the fuser to cool before handling it.

6    Open the jam access door. if paper is jammed inside the fuser, gently pull it straight up to remove it . if the paper tears, remove all paper fragments

7    Close the jam access door, and push the fuser completely into the product.

8    Close the right door.

Causes and solutions for jam in the fuser and transfer area

 Cause : the fuser delivery sensor flag is damaged               Solution :  Replaced the fuser

 Cause:   Poor contact with the fuser delivery connector.        Solution :  Reconnect the connectors of the fuser delivery sensor

Cause:    The  fuser delivery sensor (sr5) is defective            Solution :  Check  the fuser delivery  sensor (SR5) with the manual sensor test. If the sensor is defective, replace the sensor



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