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HP 4350

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05308 Views: 5593 Created: 05-07-2012 05:21 pm Last Updated: 05-07-2012 05:21 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

HP laser jet 4350 with 80 MB of ram, expandable up to 512 MB,  come with a one 100 sheet feeder and a two 500 sheet feeder  also has a HP jet direct  embedded print server for

connecting to a 10/100 base tx network. This printer offers amazingly fast printing speed and dependable service. The HP LaserJet 4350 printer is the ideal choice for any business. It is able to sustain the busy office's growing needs and surpass any predetermined notions. This device is equipped with lots of product and software. It contains; print drivers, software, CD ROM, installation and HP laser jet tool box, as well as Macintosh software and HP laser jet tool box programs. The striking features of the printer give it an advantage over others. With easy going connectivity and compact flash solutions, it makes this an easy choice and pick. It also has high speed Internet service and a USB 2.0 with 80-96 MB.   The exciting accessories and expandable option ensure that the printing result are top notch quality.  It has a 460 MHZ processor so that it can handle massive printing project.  HP smart print technology and remote web management tools create a printer that is manageable to configure and kept well serviced. Giving superb quality it enables companies to acquire richer results at a faster pace.   Troubleshooting and information needed can be seen easily with the huge display screen. When problems do arise, the service and information that is presented, in ways that most people  can understand give all employees a way to fix and treat the problem. Quick solutions will give more time for printing jobs to be finished creating a busy work environment. Also for tech in the field there are some problem that are quick easy to resolve. change the pickup rollers, separation pad and fuser assembly are very simple to do here are the step to do so.

 Change the separation pad and rollers first step is to remove the front accessory cover, 2 step is to insert the tip of a small flat blade screwdriver under the tray 1 separation pad.

3 Carefully twist the screwdriver to dislodge the separation pad. Then remove the separation pad.  Next is replaced the tray 1 pickup roller.

First remove the front accessory cover

Then Release the pick up roller by sliding apart the latches that are located on each side at the top of the roller. (call out 2 )  Then lift the roller out of the opening.( call out 3)

Another problem that quick and easy to resolved, is replacing the fuser assembly.  First thing is to remove the rear out put bin, then squeeze the blue release tabs, (call out 1)  then pull the fuser straight back and out of the printer.  The fuser might be hot, so after turning off the printer allow 20 minutes for it to cool down.  Before touch it.

Replacing the tray 2 paper pickup roller. Remove the tray 2 from the product and place it on a level work surface, then open the cover that is next to the roller in tray 2.

Pinch the blue latch that is on left side of the roller, then slide the roller off the shaft.  To find the remaining feed roller. look up inside of the opening that was created when tray 2 was removed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Pinch the blue latch on the left side of the feed roller, slide the roller off of the shaft, you might need to rotate the roller to pinch the latch.

Repeat the previous step for the remaining pick up roller.