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HP 3800 colorlaserjet dependable and reliable

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The HP Color LaserJet 3800 printer series is one  of the best products that Hewlett Packard manufactures has produced. Even though HPs 3800 series has recently been discontinued to make way for newer technology and faster print speeds,  The HP 3800 series  are still among the most dependable and reliable printing equipment on the market today.  3800 series  still offer some of the most impressive color laser print specifications within their product category. Coming in four different models, the HP Color LaserJet 3800, 3800n, 3800dn, and 3800dtn, this line of color laser printer offers something for everyone regardless of your color printing demands.

You will be able to please all of your customers with any of the HP 3800. It has the flexibility that you want to handle any type or size of print jobs. The HP 3800 use a color toner cartridge that is very high quality that will deliver a rich color print every time you use it. It will also print color graphics that look as good as the most expensive printers.

The printer print  jobs at a very good speed. It has a color resolution 600 x 600 dpi. The black and white resolution is 600 x 600 as well. You can use paper from 3. 5" x 5" up to 8. 5" x 14". You can print envelopes and you can load 10 at a time.

The 3800 will work on just about all operating systems; Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and also Microsoft Millennium Edition.

This article is about the HP color laserjet CM2320FXI MFP printer. This printer is a multifunction printer and the article discusses the different features of the HP color laserjet CM2320FXI MFP printer.

You can print high quality with the HP 3800. Print Speed for the 3800 is 22 pages per minute for black and white and color as well. First print page will take 12. 5 seconds. You can print sixty five thousand pages a month. The HP will also print labels, card stock and glossy sheets.  With the 3800 series You will not be disappointed with the printer's great quality. HP 3800 series printers will please the most detailed person. Here are some of the most common problem that may happen with 3800 series.   

Probably the most common problem  that arises on  HP 3800 series printer is the 50.1 fuser error. The error is a result of the machine reading a low fuser temperature. Several things can happen to result in a 50.1 fuser error. First thing to check is the power source. Call any service and repair provider and they will recommend that you plug the machine straight into a wall outlet and to avoid power strips, surge arrest, and battery back ups. These machines use a lot of power. Plugging them into power strips with other devices can draw the voltage down throughout the circuit. While it might not affect other devices these machines have thermistors in them that measure the temperature of the fuser. If the temperature falls out of range the machine will throw you a 50.1 fuser error code. Second thing to check is the fuser itself. The fuser is easy to remove and replace so pull the fuser out and reseat it to verify that it’s properly seated. Third thing to try is just turning the machine off and back on to see if it comes up to its proper temperature. Sudden power outages are known to cause odd problems like this. Finally, turn the machine off and unplug it for 10 to 20 minutes. This allows the printer to cool down. This can clear out any error codes stuck in the machines memory and let it go through its normal start-up mode. 

A another common problem is complaint about the front door will not  close right,  paper jams around the toner cartridge and toner cartridge will not install. The problem is the toner

lock are broken,  the toner lock is what engage the toner cartridge to hold them in place. They are usually broken when the cartridge is taken out in an angled way or when a cartridge is not seated correctly when replaced. Follow these steps will help to prevent the toner locks from being broken.   When removing the toner cartridge be sure to grasp both sides of the cartridge and remove evenly.     When installing the cartridge be sure to install the cartridge evenly and make sure it is seated all the way. (Do not force the cartridge if there is any resistance.)

A another common problem is jam inside front door. The printer fed a sheet of paper from one of the trays and the paper made it to the top of page sensor in time

However, the paper did not subsequently reach the fuser paper delivery sensor in time. Follow these steps to local the problem, inspect the PIU for damage,

This is a delay jam , Although the paper stopped in the fuser, the main cause is more likely a paper feed pickup problem. Inspect or replaced the paper pickup assembly.

1. Open the upper cover, and then squeeze the two blue fuser-locking levers to release the fuser.Rotate the fuser up and out of the printer.

1. Verify the fuser is installed correctly and fully seated.

2. Check that connector J6007 on the fuser is seated correctly. Replace the connector as necessary.

3. Turn off the printer.

4. Remove the fuser.

5. If there is no conduction in the main thermistor, measure the resistance between fuser connectors J6007LA-1 and J6007LA-3. If the resistance is not 100 kohms to 3 Mohms, replace the fuser.

6. If there is no conduction in the fuser heater, measure the resistance between fuser connectors J6007LAF-1 and J6007-2. If the resistance is not 5 ohms to 1 kohms (100 to 127 V) or 20 ohms to 1 kohms (220 to 240 V), replace the fuser.

7. Upgrade the DC controller firmware.

8. Replace the DC controller PCA.

If the
printer has broken cartridge locks the cartridge lock kit will need to be installed. The kit will come with 4 locks and they should all be installed at time of installation.