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HP 4650 error code

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05246 Views: 6324 Created: 04-18-2012 02:18 pm Last Updated: 04-18-2012 02:18 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

22 EIO X BUFFER  OVERFLOW.      The printer EIO card in slot  X has 0verflowed its I/O buffer during a busy state.

Press select to resume printing.

40  EIO X BAD.   A connection with the card in EIO slot X has been broken abnormally.  Press the select  to resume printing

Check that all cable are connected to the EIO port and that the EIO board is seated propertly.   If possible print to another network

printe to verify the network is Working properly.

41.3  UNEXPECTED SIZE IN TRAY XX.       The media that is loaded is longer or shorter in the feed direction than the size that is configured for the tray.

If the incorrect size was selected, cancel the job or press ? for more information , press arrow up or down buttons to follower through the instuction.

41,5  UNEXPECTED TYPE IN TRAY XX.  The printer senses a different media type in the media path than the type that is configured in the tray.

If the incorrect type was selected, cancel the job or press for more information.  Press the up and down button to follower through the instruction'

41.x  A print error has occurred.   1 unknown misprint error   2 beam detect misprint error     3 media feed error   4 no VSYNC error   5  media feed error

6 ETB  detection error  7  feed delay error   9   noise  VSREQ.          Press the select button to continue or press ? for more information.  IF the message

persists, turn the printer off and then on.

49.xxxx    PRINTER ERROR.       A  critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort operation. This type of error

can be cause by invalid print command, corrupt data , or  invalid operations.  In some case electrical noise in the cable can corrupt data during transmission

to the printer.  Other cause include poor quality parallel cable, poor connection, or home grow programs. On rare occasions the formatter is at fault, which is

usually indicated by a 79 Service Error.     Press cancel job to clear the print job from the printer memory,   turn the printer off and then back on.

Try printing a job from a different software program.  If the job prints, go back to the first program and try printing  a different file.  If the message persist with different

software program and print jobs.  Disconnect all of the cables to the printer. Turn the printer off, remove all memory dimms or third part DIMMs from the printer

( Do not remove the firmware DIMM in slot J1)  Remove all EIO devices from the printer, turn the printer on. If the error no long exist, installed each DIMM and EIO device

one at a time make sure you turn the printer off and on again as you install each device. Replaced a DIMM or EIO device if you determine that it causes the error.

If the error error persists, replaced the firmware  DIM, if necessary replaced the formatter and calibrate the printer.

50.x    FUSER ERROR.  A fuser error has occurred.    Turn the printer off  and allow  it to cool down.  Reinstall the fuser, and check the connector J4034 that  connects

the fuser and the printer, Replaced the connector if it is damaged. turn the printer off and remove the fuser, measure the resistance between the connector pins on the fuser

If the resistance does not meet the following guidelines , replaced the fuser.   If the problem presists , replaced the fuser power supply. If need replaced the DC controller PCA.

51.xy  PRINTER ERROR      A printer error has occurred.  1 beam detect error   2 laser error.    Press the select to continue.  Turn the printer off and then back on.

reseat  the connectors between the laser/ scanner and DC controller PCA  (J1009 -  J1012).  Replaced the defective laser/scanner assembly.