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HP laserjet 4200. 4250

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05242 Views: 6672 Created: 04-13-2012 02:59 pm Last Updated: 05-10-2012 05:29 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

HP laser jet   4200, 4250 another great series of printers introduced in the 4000 line of printers by HP, these machines are the workhorses that we’ve come to expect from HP for fast every day printing.   A print speed of up to 45 pages per minute  makes the HP LaserJet 4250 faster than any home or desktop device and, Speeds this fast are only possible by way of a built in 460 MHZ processor . Also helping in the effort is a built in 64MB random access memory chip, which can be further expanded all the way up to 512 MBs using one, or both, of the two open 100 pin DDR DIMM slots internalized within the machine. Two standard Compact Flash slots are left open as well for various uses . An optional 20 GB HP high performance EIO hard disk  can also be incorporated into the hardware for permanent or long term storage of frequently used documents and data. Other expandability options include additional paper storage and Jetdirect fast ethernet servers,  or users have the option of purchasing the pre upgraded version of the device, the HP LaserJet 4250tn, which includes both network capability and an additional 500 sheet paper tray..  HP 4200, 4250 are great printer, they experience very few problem and have long life spans. The majority of the problems are easily fixed and at a relatively low cost to the customer making these printers a favorite in any work environment.    IN this article, here is few of the issues related to these printer to help make repairing them as trouble free

13.20 paper jam      

Error message 13.20 means that when the printer was turned on or while the printer was trying to initialize one of the sensors was detecting that there was media present. To clear this, remove the toner cartridge and check for an easily removable jam. If none is found then pull the fuser out and check there, as this is the next easiest spot to check.

However, most often the machine has a jam in the front of the machine behind the MP/Tray 1 tray assembly. Remove the toner and cassette, and use half a file folder to push through the cassette area to the top of the machine to remove any paper particles or free up a stuck sensor flag that was caused from a previous jam. Don’t try this from the top to the bottom as you could break the sensor flag.   IF you still have the error then removal and replaced the MP/ TRAY 1 assembly.

60.2 Tray 2 lift error

The error means that the tray didn’t properly lift and the paper sensor wasn’t actuated in the allowed amount of time. When this happens, you will typically first hear a loud grinding or popping sound followed by the error message.

This error is usually caused by improper paper installation. When paper is added, the bottom sheet may get folded up between the front of the tray and the paper inside the tray. This causes the tray to bind as it lifts the paper up.   

First, remove the paper and reinsert the tray, if it lifts and goes to a paper out message then double check the back paper stop to make sure it is aligned with the letter indicator. Then reinstall the paper and try again.  If it fails with the paper out or after reinstalling the paper, then remove the right side cover and check the paper tray lift motor.

13.01 paper jam error

 the first thing to check is the feed separation rollers The rollers for the 4200 and 4250 series tend to last a while  but they still wear out so check to make sure they still have tread, if need replaced them.      

Also check the paper stop in back of the tray, remove the paper and make sure the stop indicator is lined up with the size indicator on the tray. People like to push these forward too far because they see a gap in the front of the tray. If pushed forward too far it doesn’t allow the paper to lift properly and feed up into the machine.

Remove and reinstall the paper to make sure it is installed properly and that it’s not folded over in front of the tray. If you are still having issues, remove the back dust cover and with a flashlight watch how the pick up assembly is operating.

50.  fuser error

First thing is to turn the printer off,  wait  10 minutes, and then turn the printer on.  If the message persists

Reseat the fuser.  If that does not work,  replaced the fuser.