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HP laser color 2605 problem and solution

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05213 Views: 6131 Created: 04-06-2012 05:18 pm Last Updated: 08-01-2012 10:10 am 0 Rating/ Voters

HP color laser jet 2605 printer this is a four color laser pinter that print 10 pages per  minute in color and 12 page per minute in monochrome.   Some control panel message

That you might encounter use this printer.


50.1  fuser error,  low temperature   50.2  High temperature  50.3  slow fuser


Turn off the device, wait at least 25 minutes,and the turn on the device,  If  a surge protector is being used, remove it, plug the device directly into the wall socket.  Then

Turn on the unit. If this does not clear the error. Replaced the fuser..


51.20 error.  This would be a black scanner error,  51,21  cyan scanner error, 51.22

Magenta scanner error.  51,23 yellow scanner error.    Turn off the power . wait at least 30 sec . the turn on the power. If a surge protector is being used , plug the printer directly

Into the wall. Turn on the printer.  If the problem persist, laser scanner can not be replaced, replaced the engine..



55.1 error    This is a DC controller error. Turn the power off for 30 sec, and then back on. If a surge protector is being used , remove it. Plug the unit directly into the wall

Socket. Turn on the unit.   If the problem persist, check the engine(DDC) firmware version. Up date if needed. Replaced the DCC if a firmware upgrade does not resolve the



57 error       This is a fan error. Turn off the power for 30 sec. then turn back on . If the

Problem  persist. The fan is not replaceable. Replaced the engine board.



Pages print but are totally blank.  The sealing tape might be in the print cartridge. Check that seal tape has been complete removed from the print cartridge. Check the print by print a configuration pages.


Pages print very slowly. Heavier media types can slow the print job, complex page will

Print slow.  Print on a different type of media, proper fusing may require a slow print speed to ensure the best print quality.


10.000x Supply error. E-label cannot be read or print cartridge is not properly installed

Remove the print cartridge and check the E-label reader guide pin is not broken. Reinstall

Print cartridge, turn no the print. If the problem is not solved , replaced the cartridge.


10.100x Supply error   A print cartridge is missing,  10.0000= Black cartridge 10.0001=

Cyan print cartridge, 10.0002= Magenta cartridge, 10.0003= yellow cartridge.

Installed the correct cartridge.


Page did not print. The print might not be pulling the paper correctly, The paper is jamming in the print.  Check paper handle menu or clear the jam.