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HP color laserjet 4730 problem and solution

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05211 Views: 10717 Created: 04-05-2012 05:25 pm Last Updated: 08-01-2012 10:14 am 0 Rating/ Voters

The HP color laserjet 4730mfp series is designed to be shared by a workgroup.

Use the MFP to copy and print color and black-and-white document or to digitally send

Color and black-and-white document. The MFP can also send and receive faxes.

These are common problem with unit,   13.31.00 error,  is paper jam in right door,

This mean that paper is jam in the fuser assembly,  follow the onscreen help to clear the

Jam, Check for obstruction in the fuser also check for obstructions in the duplexer.


HP color laser jet 4730mfp,  13.JJ.NT JAM IN TRAY 1.  The mfp tray pickup solenoid

Might be defective. Remove any jammed paper from tray 1, follow the instructions on the control panel, if the message persists, open the diagnostic menu and touch component test

Run the test for mp tray solenoid if the solenoid is defective, replaced it.


HP color laser jet 4730mfp,   13.jj.nt JAM IN STAPLER.  Paper is jammed in the stapler.

This is the procedure to clear staple jams. 1 turn off the MFP, press and hold the release button on the top of the stapler/stacker. 2 open the staple cartridge cover. 3 To remove the

Staple cartridge, pull up on the green handle and pull out the staple cartridge.  4 Lift up the small lever at the back of the staple cartridge. 5 remove the staple that protrude from

The staple cartridge. 6 close the lever at the back of the staple cartridge, be sure that in snap in. 7 Reinsert the staple cartridge into the cartridge holder, and push down on the green handle until it snap into place. 8 Close the staple cartridge cover, and slide the staple/stack into the mfp.


HP color laser jet 4730mfp,  30.1.10 SCANNER FAILURE.  The ADF fan is not operating, the adf fan operates only during the scan process. Remove the ADF rear cover and watch the fan during a scan from the ADF. Check that the fan connection on the ADF

Intermediate PCB is firmly seated, if the fan does not rotate. Replaced the fan.



HP color laserj jet 4730mfp  30.1.6  SCANNER FAILURE. This is a scanner error.

This fan is located in the base of the scanner assembly, It operates when the scanner lamp

Is illuminated or whenever the scanner motor is rotatoing. Thir fan also operates during the MFP initialization sequence.  During the MFP sequence list to the fan to determine

If it is operating. Check that the connector CN108 on the scanner controller PCB is firmly seated, also check the connection for the fan in the base of the scanner is firmly seated.

If all connection or seated, but not operating, replaced the fan.



HP color laser jet 4730mfp   51.2y  PRINTER  ERROR. A laser error has occurred.

0. black 1. cyan   2. cyan  3 yellow,    Turn the MFP off then on.  If possible, run the

Scanner test diagnostic for the laser scanner indicated.  Check that the scanner is properly

Connected at the dc controller, if needed replace the scanner.



HP color laser jet 4730mfp  52. XY   PRINTER  ERROR.  A scanner error has occurred

Restart the MFP, do a scan from the flatbed and from the adf. Then reseated the formatter


HP color laser jet 4730mfp  30.01.01    The flatbed scanner cover is open, this is a status message.  Make sure the flatbed cover is close, if the message persists. Check that the scanner open sensor at the left rear of the scanner moves up and down correctly. If not,

Replaced the scanner open sensor holder assembly. If need replaced the scanner open




HP color laser jet 4730mfp  30.01.03      The ADF could not pickup the paper. If the paper does not pass the paper-presence sensor, It will be reported as an ADF paper pickup error. Check that the ADF jam –access door is fully seated.  Check the movement of the ADF jam access door to make sure  it engage with the ADF input motor. A grinder noise can sometime be heard when the paper is initially picked . This indicates the gear is not filly seated against the motor. In this case , replaced the ADF pickedup gears.


HP color laser jet 4730mfp  8x.yyy             This is EIO error . The I/O accessory card in slot x has encountered a critical error.    Turn the MFP off then on . If the problem persists, reseat the EIO cars , If need replaced the EIO card.