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HP color laserjet 4730 MFP Scanner failure error codes

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05210 Views: 8691 Created: 04-19-2012 11:49 am Last Updated: 08-01-2012 09:41 am 0 Rating/ Voters

30.1.10.  SCANNER FAILURE.        The ADF fan is not operating,  the ADF fan operates only during the scan process.  Recommended action

Remove the ADF rear cover and watch the fan during a scan from the ADF,  Check that the fan connection on the ADF intermediate PCB is firmly

seated. If the fan does not rotate, replaced the ADF.

30.1.6      This is a scanner fan error.      This fan is located in the base of the scanner assembly, it operates  whenever the scanner lamp is illuminated or

whenever the scanner flatbed is rotating.  Recommended action,  during the MFP sequence listen to the fan to determine if it is operating.

Check that the connector CN108 on the scanner controller PCB is firmly seated, also make sure that the connection for the fan in the base of the scanner

assembly is firmly seated.   If all the connection are secure but the fan is not operating, replaced the fan.

30.1.8    This is a scanner calibration error.     The scanner might be locked, or a cable might not be connected correctly.   Recommended action.  raise the

ADF and ensure that the scanner lock is in the unlocked position.  Turn on the MFP and watch to see if  the optical assembly move.  If it does not move. remove

the scanner glass, to see if anything is hindering the optical assembly from move.  Make sure that the optical assembly drive belt is installed correctly.   Verify

that the connector CN106 on the scanner controller PCB is firmly seated.   Check the connector CN109 on the scanner controller PCB is firmly seated. and also

check  the connector for the scanner home position sensor is firmly seated.

30.1.yy    SCANNER FAILURE          30,1,1= the scanner cover is open             

                                                               30.1.2= A jam has occurred in the ADF.        Recommend action,  turn the MFP off and then back on to try to clear the message.

If the message indicates that a jam has occurred, clear the jam, if the message is still there.   Check that the cable between the print engine and the scanner is secure..

Turn the MFP off,  remove all memory DIMMS or third party DIMM from the MFP (Do not remove the firmware DIMM)  remove all EIO device from the MFP.   Turn the MFP on

if the erropr no longer exists, reinstall each DIMM and EIO device one at a time, make sure to turn the MFP off and no again as you install each device.  replaced a DIMM

or EIO device if it cause the error,  if problem persists upgrade the firmware before replaced the DC controller.  Replaced the formatter and calibrate the MFP.