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HP 4700 error and soultion

Author: Metrofuser Tech Support Reference Number: AA-05207 Views: 13332 Created: 04-03-2012 04:10 pm Last Updated: 08-01-2012 10:00 am 0 Rating/ Voters



HP 4700 color laser jet printer,   55. error,  A printer command error has occurred.

O1. DC controller memory error,   02. dc controller memory   03. no engine response

04. communication error. 05  RFU error.   Codes 01-02  replaced the dc controller,  code 03-04 1. reseat

Formatter 2 Check all connection on the dc controller  3 upgrade formatter and dc controller firmware, which can be found in a single rfu file.


HP 4700 color laser jet printer,  40 error  embedded I/O bad.   A connection with the

Embedded jetdirect print server has been broken.  1. press green check button to continue

Printing   2. Power cycle the printer  3. resent the print job  4. If the error still occur, replaced the EIO card in slot X or the formatter.



HP 4700 color laser jet printer,   41.3  unexpected paper size in tray.  This mean  that

Media  that is load is longer or short than the feed direction then the size configured for

The tray.   1. make sure the correct setting are set for the trays.  Run a paper path diagnostic test to determine if all sensor are working correctly. If the problem persist

Replaced the paper feed assembly.


HP4700 color laser jet printer,    11.x  clock error.  This message is display when there

Is a problem with the real-time clock on the formatter board.  Recommended action is

To replaced the formatter assembly.



HP 4700 color laser jet printer,    13. xx.yy.      This is a jam in the duplex path . 1 Remove the paper, Run the paper path test to determine if one are more of the sensor are not working correctly.  2 Check the oblique roller on the back side of the ETB to ensure they are not worn or dirity.  IF need upgrade the formatter and DC controller firmware

3 replaced ETB and check all cable connection to and from DC controller




HP 4700  colcr laser jet printer     60 .x error, Printer error.  A tray lifting error has occurred, turn the printer off then on.  Install the tray and listen carefully, you should be

Able to hear the paper stack being lifted. You can also watch the paper level indicator on the front of the tray moves. Check the following connectors,  tray 2  J4618  on the lift motor and J1015 on the DC controller. Check tray 3 J8120 on the lift motor and J8102 on

The paper feed  PCB, if needed  replaced lift motor assembly.



HP  4700 color laser jet printer,   62 error,  No system was found.  Turn the printer off then back on , reseat the firmware compact flash, making sure that it is in the first slot.

If needed replaced the firmware compact flash and the formatter.





HP  4700 color laser printer,      10. error  Cartridges  not engaged.  The printer cartridge is not seated properly.  A 10.92 black cartridge  10.92 01 cyan cartridge 10.92  02  magenta  10.92.03  yellow cartridge.  Make sure that the ETB is closed,  2 Remove and reinstall the affected cartridge. 3 Make sure the cartridge guide for the affected cartridge is installed correctly.



HP 4700 color laser printer,    10.90  error   A color cartridge is out of toner and need to be replaced.