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Upgrading the Performance on the HP P4014, P4015 and P4515 Laser Printers and Solving Some Common problems

Author: Reference Number: AA-05001 Views: 10468 Created: 01-20-2012 03:04 pm Last Updated: 01-20-2012 03:05 pm 0 Rating/ Voters


     These three models are very similar and share most of the same parts. The covers are different in color but the same otherwise. Each model uses the same formatter. The P4014 printer does not support the use of the extended life toner cartridge as it will not fit into the P4014 . The P4015/P4515 models have a numerical keypad. The main difference is the print speeds of each model. The P4014, is rated at 45 letter pages per minute. The P4015 at 52 pages per minute and the P4515 tops out at 62 pages per minute.

     These models were not without some problems that might have showed up immediately or after the printers were used for awhile. The first one might have been when trying to print envelopes. The toner would not always fuse correctly either smearing or just flaking off the envelopes. There were only two fuser modes to use. Another problem that would show up was when printing from trays 2,3 or 4. The printer would say processing and will start to ramp up like it would during a normal print job. But the printer would not pick up the paper and complete the job. The display would go back to idle and no error would be generated on the display or on the event log. Verify by printing from Tray 1. Another issue was when the maintenance due message came up and when you tried to reset it the ability to do so was not there.  These issues were all firmware related. Upgrading to the level of 4.060.7 or higher would help to correct these problems. There would now be five fuser modes to choose from. No more problems printing from tray 2 as well.

     Metrofuser has a one stop solution for this as well as a performance upgrade. The formatters we sell as replacements have the latest firmware already loaded and will upgrade your 4014 or 4015 to a 4515 printer capable of printing at 62 pages per minute!!! It’s just a plug and play upgrade to fix some issues and increase your print speeds at the same time. Remove the formatter cage, move any memory modules over to the new formatter and install and you will now have a 62 page per minute printer. The P4014 printer is now capable of also using the extended life cartridges without getting errors. There are some modifications that will have to be made to do so. The top cover can be replaced with RM1-4552 (P4015/P4515) or the upper cartridge guide can be removed from the existing cover. This is the plastic piece located directly above the cartridge on the toner access panel. The cover should be removed to perform this procedure. There are some tabs on the extended cartridge that have to be removed or cut off to allow the extended life cartridge to slide completely into the printer. This is only needed if you intend to use the extended life cartridges, which of course is not required.

       There are some mechanical problems in these models that we have solutions for as well. The fuser drive gears located in the center of the printer on the inside frame are now available as a kit. The replacement procedure is very similar to the 4200 series fuser swing plate. These models do not have the swing or pivoting gear but a solid drive train of 5 gears which drive the fuser.  These gears are available as KITGEARP4O14/P4015 from Metrofuser. A piece of plastic in the drum drive area is breaking as well. The collar that meshes with the frame in the cartridge area and is attached to the toner access cover link arm is breaking and is now available as a replacement assembly which includes the big gear, collar and link arm. This drum drive assembly is RC2-2484-000.