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How to Replace the Paper Pickup and Feeding Rollers on the HP CM2320 MFP Color Printer

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           Replacing the Paper Feeding Rollers on the HP CM2320 MFP Color Printer.


     This model does not have a maintenance counter to keep track of the fuser life and the other paper feeding components. The pickup and feed rollers for the input trays and the automatic document feeder will have to be replaced as needed. If the rollers are coated in paper dust try cleaning them first. If the jamming becomes less frequent after cleaning, most likely the rollers will need replacement soon. The transfer roller is part of the paper feed guide assembly and is replaced as a whole unit.

      Turn the printer on and when it comes to ready open the secondary service menu. The rollers need to be rotated into the service position to be removed. Press the left arrow button and the cancel button at the same time. Use the arrow buttons to scroll to PICK ROLLER and then press OK. It will then prompt you to press OK again to verify that you want the rollers to rotate. Listen for the rollers to rotate. This procedure will rotate trays 1, 2 and 3 rollers to the serviceable position. The automatic document feeder rollers do not need to be put in the service position to be replaced. Turn the printer off and remove the power cord, paper tray(s) and the toner cartridges. The ADF and scanner cover can open if the printer is tipped to far over. Do not rest the printer on its rear cover and door to avoid any damage or toner contamination into the laser unit.


1).Raise the printer to gain access to the roller. Use the side frame for lifting the printer. Do not raise the printer using the front door or the paper tray area.


2). There are two locking tabs that hold the roller in place. Use your fingers to remove or snap ring pliers. Remove the paper pick up roller.


3).Release the two cover locking pins and remove the separation roller cover by rotating down.

4).Release the separation roller locking pins and remove the roller.  Reinstall the roller cover on the locking pin and rotate it towards the roller until it snaps into place.

5).To remove the tray 1 pickup roller it will need to be lowered by pushing down on both ends of the assembly.

6).Release the two locking tabs and rotate the roller away from the printer.

7).Replace the separation pad for tray 1 by releasing the retaining tabs. The base that holds the pad will be loose when the pad is removed. There is a spring that can fall out.

8).To replace the automatic document feeder rollers open the ADF cover and release the spring that is attached to the end of the pick roller assembly.

9). Lift up on the pickup assembly and slide it towards the front of the printer to remove.


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