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How to Replace the Fuser Assembly on the HP 1600, 2600N, and 2605 Model Line of Color Printers

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      Replacing the fuser on these models is not the usual turn the printer off, open the door and slide the fuser out by releasing a locking clip or two and install the replacement. It is a much more involved process. These models have some slight variations between them and use different fusers, but the procedure will be the same for replacing the fuser. The 1600 and 2600 models use RM1-1820-000. The 2605 has two different fuser part numbers. The 2605 duplex model fuser is RM1-1824-000. The fuser for the 2605 simplex model is RM1-1828-000. If the fuser is getting a 50.X code or having problems melting the toner into the page or causing other print quality problems, the following will be very helpful in getting the damaged fuser out of whichever model you are working on.


1.)    Turn the printer off and remove the power cord from the rear of the printer. Remove the paper delivery tray from the top of the printer. There are two screws on the right side cover to be removed. One is recessed on the bottom where the built in printer handle is located.


2.)    There are release catches located on the top and bottom of the cover. Carefully pry off the cover. It is flexible and will bend enough to be released.


3.)    Unplug the flat flexible cable for the control panel.


4.)    Use a small straight blade screwdriver to loosen the release tab on each side of the

upper face cover. Remove the upper face cover.


5.)    Remove the four screws that secure the upper cover to the printer and remove.

      Take care not to damage the flat flexible control panel cable.


6.)    Remove the output tray by releasing the two tabs that secure it to the top of the printer.


7.)    Unplug the cable from the fuser motor.


     8.)  Open the two cable clips on the power supply to release the cable and remove one                          

            clip on the power supply. Pull the cable up and out of your way.


8.)    Disconnect the three pin connector optical encoder wire


9.)    Unplug the red high voltage bias wire located to the left of the encoder wire that                     

was just removed.

10.)Disconnect the thermistor wire from the power supply.


11.)Remove the wiring harness and the three screws from the fuser chassis.                        


12.) The fuser can now be removed by rolling the fuser upwards towards the front of the printer.


13.) When installing the replacement fuser make sure to align the tabs with the holes in the printer chassis and connect the  flat flexible control panel cable before replacing the right side cover.