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Replacing the Transfer and Paper Feeding Rollers on the Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Printer

Author: Reference Number: AA-04334 Views: 17245 Created: 01-09-2012 11:16 am Last Updated: 01-09-2012 11:16 am 0 Rating/ Voters


        If the printer is jamming at the pickup in the cassette tray or at the automatic document feeder and is in need of new rollers the following procedures will help in getting them changed. This model does not have a multipurpose tray. The transfer roller is an integral part of the printers printing ability. It is responsible for transferring the toner directly from the intermediate transfer belt to the printing media. If there are some image quality problems such as toner dropouts on your printouts it might be time to change the transfer roller. The printer does keep track of the toner supplies and the useful remaining life but does not keep track of the other maintenance items like the transfer roller, pickup rollers and fuser. They will need to be replaced on an as needed basis. To replace the cassette tray pickup and separation roller the printer  will have to be put into its secondary service mode to rotate the roller to its serviceable position in order to release the locking tabs.


1)      Remove any paper from the cassette tray. Press the SETUP button and then press the LEFT arrow and CANCEL button at the same time. Using the arrow buttons scroll to highlight, SECONDARY SERVICE menu and then press OK. Use the arrow buttons to highlight, PICK  ROLLER and then press OK. Press OK again to confirm that you want the pick roller to rotate. The roller will rotate into the service position. At this point the printer should be turned off and the power cord and paper tray should be removed.  The printer can now be placed front side up. The scanner cover and ADF can open when putting the printer in the front side up position so they will need to be held to keep them from opening suddenly.


2)      The separation roller is located under the small black cover. Release the two locking pins and remove the cover.


3)      The separation roller can be removed by moving the roller holder to the left and right to release the locking pins.


4)      Replacing the ADF pick roller assembly is a bit easier. Open the ADF cover and release the spring on the end of the assembly.


5)      Now lift up the front side of the pickup assembly and slide it towards the front to remove it.


6)      To replace the transfer roller, open the rear door. Release the white retaining clip on each end of the transfer roller and rotate it until the pin on the clips line up with slot on the mounting bracket and then remove the clip. One of the clips is made from a black conductive plastic and must be re-installed on the side of the transfer roller from which it was removed from.


7)      Slide the transfer roller to one side to release the roller from the mounting bracket. Leave the protective wrapper on the replacement transfer roller until after it is installed. The paper cover protects the conductive rubber from any contamination from dirt or oil from your hands.