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How to Remove the Flatbed Scanner on the HP CM6030 and CM6040 MFP Color Printers

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     The ADF and flatbed scanner can be removed as a single unit but, they can be replaced as separate items. The two together will require two people to lift it off the printer so separating the two will help lighten the load a bit. The following procedure will show how to remove the ADF unit and then the flatbed scanner as two separate units.


1)      While facing the back of the printer there are four screws that hold on the scanner control board cover. Once removed there is a power connector, the retainer that holds it in place and one ground screw that will need to be removed.

2)      Now the ADF assembly can be removed from the flatbed scanner. Raise the unit up like you were going to make a copy and lift it straight up and off the printer. Make sure the cables do not get caught up on the base unit when lifting it off.

3)      Remove the two screws that hold the face down output bin in place. Then remove the duplex switchback tray by pressing the release tab and sliding it towards the left. The duplex switchback tray holds the paper after the first side is printed and then the paper is drawn back into the printer to complete the duplex process.


4)      The front lower cover can now be removed by loosening one screw and releasing the small tab that locks the cover in place.


5)      The inner cover can now be removed. This cover has four small tabs located on the top of it. When putting it back in make sure all four tabs are correctly seated.


6)      Open the right side door and remove the two screws to release the right upper cover.


     7).Lock the wheels and the scanner. Open the front door and located on the right side, above the fan vent is a small cover. In the center of the cover is a small tab, release it upwards and remove it. Disconnect the cable to the left of the cover.


    8).Remove the one screw and one large pin that are located under the small cover that was just removed.


9). Moving to the left side of the scanner there are two screws that are captive with the pins. Remove the two small pins. Remove the ground screw to the right of the pin.


10).Facing the rear of the scanner, remove the one screw and large pin. Release the two connectors from the scanner to power supply.


11). Disconnect the scanner interface cable from the formatter board and release the cables from the rear cover cable holders.

12). The flatbed scanner can now be lifted off the printers base. This still might require two people even with the ADF unit removed to reduce the weight.

13). The replacement scanner will have a different calibration value than the one that was in the printer. This will have to be entered into the printer through the control panel. The flatbed scanner will have to be calibrated as well by going into the Administration menu, then Troubleshooting and then Calibrate scanner.