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How to Remove the ADF and Flatbed Scanner on the Hewlett Packard M3027 and M3035 MFP Models

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   The print engine used for these models is the same engine that was used on the P3005 models. The addition of the automatic document feeder, flatbed scanner and fax module transform it into an MFP printer. When the fuser is in need of replacing be sure to replace the drive gears as well to avoid the noise problem. The flatbed scanner and ADF are separate units and can be replaced individually. If you need to gain access to other printer components that are under the flatbed scanner the flatbed and ADF can be removed as one unit. If this is the case go to step 4. The scanner will come as a complete unit with nothing to swap over. The ADF on the other hand will need to have the control panel and output tray removed from the old unit and installed on the replacement ADF. The ADF can be easily removed from the flatbed scanner.


1). While facing the back of the printer remove the interface cable by unscrewing the two thumb screws and detaching the cable from the base.

2). Lift the ADF lid like you were going to make a copy on the glass and slide the hinge release tab to the right side.

3).With the ADF still in the raised position it can lifted straight up and off the printer.

4).With the ADF removed, the flatbed scanner can now be removed. The right side and formatter covers will need to come off to gain access to the cables and connectors. Grab the right side cover and pull it toward the rear of the printer.

5). Release the formatter cover and lift it up off its hinges.

6). While facing the rear of the printer, located on the left side is the fax cover. Grab the cover and pull it away from the printer.

7).Remove the cable from the guide at the top center of the formatter and disconnect it from the board. (Damage to the cable can occur if it is not removed from the guide.) To the left of this cable, disconnect the ribbon cable and then the power cable connector.

8). There are two screws on the back side, one where the fax cover was removed. The other is on the right side, near the top of the metal frame. There is one screw on the left side, near the top.


9).While facing the back of the printer slide the scanner assembly back until it stops. Then lift it straight up and off the printer.


10). When you are re-installing the flatbed scanner the stapler assembly can block the scanner from moving back into the proper position. If the assembly does not slide in easily, open the stapler door and press down on the stapler as you try to slide the flatbed scanner forward into the correct position.


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