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Replacing the Paper Pickup Rollers on the Hewlett Packard CP 2020 and CP 2025 Color Printers.

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    The replacement of the rollers is not like your typical roller replacement. There are no pinch tabs to release the rollers. No little lock levers that are visible to let you remove them either. The printer has to be put in a secondary service mode so the rollers can be set in position to be removed. If you are unaware that this is the only way the rollers can be removed certain damage will occur to the paper pick up assemblies if you try to replace them without setting them up to be changed. There is a secondary service menu that must be entered. This will enable you to set the rollers in correct position to be removed. The rollers must be rotated into the service position to remove and replace them. The following steps will rotate both the cassette tray roller and the tray 1 or MP tray pickup roller.


1). The printer must be operational and able to get to a READY state. Leave tray 2 installed in the printer and remove all toner cartridges.

2). Open the Secondary Service menu by pressing the LEFT ARROW button and the CANCEL button at the same time. Then use the arrow buttons to select Pick roller, and then press OK. Press OK again to confirm that you want the roller to rotate.

3). Listen for the roller to rotate. After the roller is done rotating into the service position, unplug the power cord and then put the power switch in the off position.

4). Remove the cassette tray.

5). Raise the front of the printer so you can gain access to the underside of the printer. Raise the printer from the sides as there is no support in the center.  Do not place the printer on the rear cover or rear door. It is helpful to get something to rest the printer on an angle as you will need your hands to remove the roller. You do not want to tip the printer to far over. There is the possibility of contaminating the laser scanner mirrors with toner if the printer is tipped to far over, so be careful!!

6). The white locking tabs can be released now, one to the left and the other to the right.


7). The separation roller should be replaced as well at this time. Release the two roller cover locking pins and remove the cover by rotating it towards the bottom of the printer.

8). Now the separation roller holder can be released and the separation roller removed.

9).Install the replacement separation roller and cover. Put the separation roller cover on the locking pins and then rotate it towards the roller until it snaps in place.

10). The Tray 1 roller can be replaced at this point as well as it should be in the service position. Lower the Tray 1 pickup assembly by pushing down on the edge of the assembly. Raise the printer from the sides.



11). Release the two tabs and rotate the roller away from the printer to remove it.

12).To replace the tray 1 separation  pad, the tray 2 cassette should be removed and the tray 1 paper pickup assembly should be in the lowered position. Now the separation pad can be removed from the base. The separation pad base can become dislodged when the pad is removed. If it becomes dislodged there is a spring under the base which is not captive, be careful no to lose it.



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