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10.XX.YY Supplies error

Author: Reference Number: AA-03703 Views: 4346 Created: 05-31-2011 12:45 pm Last Updated: 05-31-2011 12:45 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

The printer cannot read or write to at least one print cartridge,image drum memory tag, or at least one memory tag is missing.   XX = Description. 00 = E-label memory data error. 10 = E-label memory is missing. 20 =Refilled, non-HP supply (only appears in event log). 30 = Cloned cartridge/supply (only appears in the event log). 90 = Toner replenishment malfunction reported by the image drum.   

YY =Description.  00=Black print cartridge. 01=Cyan print cartridge. 02= Magenta print cartridge. 03 =Yellow print cartridge. 05 =Black image drum. 06 =Cyan image drum. 07=Magenta image drum. 08=yellow image drum.

When a 10.20.YY or 10.30.YY error occurs, a question mark is placed on the gas gauge of the supply or supplies with the error. These errors are notes in the event log and NON HP SUPPLY IN USE appears on the control panel. If Multiple supplies have this error, a 10.XX.YY is displayed for the first supply detected with the error. When the error corresponding to the first supply is addressed, another 10.XX.YY error can display for the next supply and can continue for all supply errors. Replacing the image drum might correct the problem temporarily because the drum contains toner for about 50 pages. If the problem reoccurs after the image drum is replaced check the print cartridge or the toner delivery system. For the 10.00, 10.20 and 10.30 errors, check if refilled cartridges or drums are used.  Reboot the printer. Replace the indicated supply. Check the print cartridge or image drum E-label indicator  and replace drum or cartridge if needed.

For print cartridges,reseat connectors J16, J17, J18, and J19 on the antenna PCAs. Reseat the connectors J1001, J1006, J1007, J1008 and J1009 on the memory controller PCA. Reseat connector J802 on the T driver PCA.

For image drums, reseat connectors J12, J13, J14 and J15 on the antenna PCAs. Reseat connectors J1001, J1002, J1003, J1004, and J1005 on the memory controller PCA. Reseat connectors J802 on the T driver PCA.

Replace the antenna PCA for the indicated cartridge or drum. Replace the T driver PCA. Replace the DC controller PCA. In the case of a 10.90.YY error, the image drum is reporting toner concentration to carrier is very low. This error might occur when non-HP supplies are used. Check that the toner delivery system and shutters are functioning correctly.