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HP 4600 Jamming on Full Bleeds Only

Author: Reference Number: AA-03697 Views: 2614 Created: 05-27-2011 01:09 pm Last Updated: 05-27-2011 01:09 pm 0 Rating/ Voters




      This model can have some trouble when printing full bleeds. The paper wraps around the fuser as it tries to exit the printer. Print jobs with text and spot color, using the same paper have no trouble at all. Replacing the fuser has no effect. The printer still jams or wraps around the fuser on full bleeds only. There are some settings that can be changed to account for the different media that the printer supports. When a different media supply is selected the printer will automatically make the required adjustment for the different print media being used.  The transfer and charge voltages are increased as well as the fuser temperature. For thicker stock the printer will actually slow down to allow more time to transfer the toner and then to fuse it too the paper. This slower mode can help with the full bleed jamming problem. Changing the settings in the paper handling menu will also affect your print quality so a little testing might be required to find the right setting. A thicker paper can help as well. This printer needs the rigidity of the paper to keep it going straight through and out of the fuser. When there is a full bleed job on the thinner paper supply it will have the tendency to shrink or curl as it comes through the fuser. Using a thicker paper supply along with adjusting the printing mode in the paper handling menu will help to reduce the fuser wrapping jam on full bleeds.