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Metrofuser’s Flash-It™ Restores Life to HP CP6015, CM6030, CM6040 MFP Transfer Kits

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New tool extends the life of the transfer belts and maximizes consumables. View Video

Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser ( has introduced the Flash-It Tool – a new solution that extends the life of the CP6015, CM6030, CM6040 MFP transfer belt.  This patent pending technology has the potential to save service companies thousands.

The HP LaserJet HP 60XX Series transfer belts are programmed to generate an error message reading “REPLACE TRANSFER KIT” when the page count hits 120,000 pages. The only way to remove that message and restore the lifecycle, up to now, has been to purchase a costly new transfer kit.

The Flash-It Tool will set the transfer kit life to 100% and clear the “REPLACE TRANSFER KIT” message. This will allow the printer to continue to utilize the existing transfer kit far beyond the 120,000 pages. “One of the added benefits of the tool,” said Will Demuth, Metrofuser’s Chief Operating Officer, “is that you can flash the lifecycle at any point. You don’t have to wait for the error message. Technicians will be able to flash and synchronize fleets allowing scheduled maintenance rather then crisis management.”
The ETB Flash Tool performs unlimited flashes, saving companies thousands of dollars in consumables and service calls. Demuth predicts that Flash-It will become an essential tool for dealers and service companies who have multiple CP6015, CM6030, CM6040 MFP printers in MPS environments.  He noted that “this is just another example of how Metrofuser remains committed to distinguishing ourselves as the foremost supporter and partner to companies using managed print services.”

 The Flash-It Tool is easy to use, comes with comprehensive instructions and is backed by toll-free US-based tech support.  It is compatible with the following printers: CP6015, CM6030, CM6040 MFP

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