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HP 2400 Series Printer Noises and the Solution

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                                 HP 2400 Series Printer Noises and the Solution



        The HP Laserjet 2400 series model line is a mid-range printer. Depending on the model the print speeds range from 25 ppm for the 2410, 30 ppm for the 2420 and 35 ppm for the 2430 on letter sized paper. Each model has Hewlett Packard’s FastRes 1200 technology, capable of producing 1200 dpi print quality. Overall the 2400 series is a quick printer for its size.


        Over time as the printer is used and parts start to wear some new sounds might be heard. The printer might start to sound like it is struggling, almost as if there was a brake being applied. The printer is still working fine other wise. There is no jamming and the print quality is ok as well. As the noise sounds like its coming from the rear of the printer, a fuser replacement might be in order. Afterall it’s a high wear/ failure item in most printers. Not the easiest fuser to replace but certainly not the hardest either.


       After replacing the fuser and the printer is turned on for the first time, the sound of your printer has changed, and not for the better. Now it might sound as though gears are broken, loud chattering noises coming from the right side of the printer. Of course at first thought you might think that you have gotten a bad or defective fuser, possibly even installed it incorrectly. To test your theory you re-install the old fuser to see if the problem is related to the replacement fuser. After installing the original fuser back in the printer you find that noise has gone away. You are now back to your original noise’s in the printer. Now you are convinced that the replacement fuser is defective. This is not the case though.


      What has happened to the fuser/printer is that the bushing on the pressure roller in the fuser has worn out. If you look at the right side pressure roller bushing you will see the plastic dust of what remains of the bushing. As this is occurring more and more downward pressure is being put on the gears in the printer that drive the fuser. When a replacement fuser is installed it has new bushing’s and is now back to where it was when the printer was new. Trouble is now the rest of the gears on the printer do not mesh properly with the fuser anymore. They have worn and will need to be replaced as well. There is a kit available that is made up the gears in the printer that drive the fuser. A stronger bushing is used on the fuser as well. When replacing a fuser on the 2400 model there is good chance you will need this noise reduction kit, which will contain the required gears to help alleviate this issue.

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