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30.1.YY Scanner failure

Author: Reference Number: AA-02330 Views: 14274 Created: 01-27-2011 05:41 pm Last Updated: 01-28-2011 09:07 am 0 Rating/ Voters

An error has occurred in the scanner. The following codes will help you to identify the specific error(s):  30.1.1 = The scanner cover is open.  30.1.2 = A jam has occurred in the ADF.  30.1.3 = The ADF could not pick up the paper. 30.1.6 = An error has occurred at the scanner fan. 30.1.7 = A communication error has occurred in the scanner. 30.1.8 = A scanner-calibration error has occurred.  30.1.10 = An error has occurred at the ADF fan. 30.1.15 = Scanner initialization has failed. 30.1.17 = The scanner carriage is locked.  30.1.18 = An error occurred on the scanner PCA.  30.1.19 = An error occurred  at the scanner lamp. 30.1.22 = A fatal hardware error has occurred in the scanner.  30.1.23 = A scanner-calibration error has occurred.  30.1.24 = The ADF jam-access door is open.  30.1.25 = A general error has occurred in the scanner or ADF. This error is most likely a memory corruption.  30.1.29 =  The ADF output bin is full.  30.1.36 = The scanning-firmware upgrade failed. The MFP will automatically try to upgrade the firmware the next time it is turned on.

 Reboot the printer. If the message indicates that a jam has occurred, clear the jam. Reseat the cable between the scanner and the print engine. Check the firmware level and upgrade if needed. Replace the scanner assembly.

30.1.6.  This is a scanner-fan error. This fan is located in the base of the scanner assembly. It operates whenever the scanner lamp is illuminated or whenever the scanner flatbed motor is rotating. This fan also operates during the MFP initialization sequence. During the initialization sequence, listen for the fan. Reseat the connector CN108 on the scanner-controller PCA. Check / reseat the connector at the fan itself. If all these check out ok, replace the fan.

30.1.8  This is a scanner-calibration error. The scanner might be locked. During the the MFP initialization sequence, the scanner optical assembly moves from its home position to the calibration strip. If this movement does not occur, this error will appear. Raise the ADF and make sure that the scanner lock is in the locked position. Turn on the MFP and watch to see if the optical assembly moves. If it does not move, remove the scanner glass to see if anything is hindering the optical assembly from moving. Check the optical drive belt. Reseat the connector CN106 and CN109 on the scanner controller PCA. Check/ reseat the scanner-home-position sensor.

30.1.10.  The ADF fan is not operating. The ADF fan comes on during a scan process. Remove the ADF rear cover and watch the fan during a scan process. Reseat the fan connector on the ADF intermediate PCA. Replace the fan.