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50.2 fuser error when printing envelopes

Author: Reference Number: AA-02192 Views: 5888 Created: 01-18-2011 02:26 pm Last Updated: 01-18-2011 02:56 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

If  you are getting a "50.2 Fuser error" when trying to print envelopes from the MP( multipurpose tray, envelopes only) on the CP3505 color printer, the DC controller firmware should be upgraded.( If you are getting a 50.2 error in general of course suspect the fuser itself and then the power supply if still failing.) The DC Controller firmware needs to be at 37 or above. When printing an envelope and the printer is in "sleep mode" the printer receives the print job, wakes up,displays processing... and about 90 to 120 seconds later displays the error. The issue is when the printer starts to process the job, after coming out of  deep sleep mode, the DC Controller is not able to send the request to the LVPS in time to get the fuser up to the required temperature for envelope printing and 50.2 error is displayed.