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54.21 thru 54.33.XX

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These errors will show up on the control panel and event logs.  XX=Description: 21=Yellow toner remaining sensor. 22=Cyan toner remaining sensor. 24=Black toner remaining sensor.30.XX=Halftone calibration error. 31=Media sensor calibration failure. 32=Media sensor is not calibrated.  33.0X=Scanner beam detect: 33.01=Yellow/magenta scanner.  33.02= Cyan/Black scanner

              54.21 thru 54.24= Toner (Y/M/C/K) level sensor abnormality. Reseat the memory controller connector J201 and the DC controller connector J1025. Replace the memory controller PCB. Replace the DC controller.

              54.30.XX    06=Magenta data out of range. 07=Yellow data out of range. 08=Black data out of range. 09=cyan out of range. Perform a CALIBRATE NOW from the CONFIGURE/DEVICE/PRINT QUALITY menu on the  printer control panel. Replace the toner cartridge.

              54.31. Media sensor abnormality/After adjustment value out of spec. Try to calibrate the media sensor again. Check and clean the media sensor. Reseat the media sensor J601,relay connector J5026, and DC controller connector J1008. Replace the media sensor. Replace the DC controller.  

             54.32.  The image density adjustment value, color misregistration adjustment value, and PWM adjustment value stored in the EEPROM (NVRAM) of the formatter.NOTE: the PWM adjustment value enable reproduction of an image in the best tone.. The formatter determines the value based on the amount of laser light received from the print engine. When ever a formatter or laser/scanner is replaced, you must calibrate the printer to update the values. Image density adjustment ( formatter replacement). Color misregistration adjustment ( formatter replacement). PWM adjustment ( on both formatter and laser/scanner unit replacement).

             54.32  Electrical adjustment. When the media sensor is replaced, the light intensity of the sensor must be adjusted. Turn the printer OFF. Open the front door. While pressing down the engine test switch,(located on the left side,small hole in the cover to access the test button on the DC controller) turn the printer on. Close the front door. Load paper into Tray 1 ( use plain white paper for test printing). As the printer goes into READY period, press the engine test print switch . One sheet of paper will be fed into the printer from Tray 1 and will be delivered to the face-down delivery tray.

            54.33  Scanner beam detect adjustment abnormality. Reboot the printer. Reseat the laser scanner cables. Replace the laser/scanner assy. Replace the DC controller.