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5500 5550 Fuser

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LaserJet 5500/5550 Fuser


Installation Instructions:

1.     Open the top cover of the printer and locate the fuser unit.

2.     Loosen the two blue knobs securing the fuser by turning them counter-


3.     Use your thumbs and pointer fingers to grab the fuser at the front and

        back of the far left and right side fuser covers. There are treads in the

        plastic there so that you can get a better grip.

4.     Lift the fuser straight up and remove it from the printer.

5.     Hold the replacement fuser in the same way you lifted/removed the

        original fuser from the printer. The blue knobs and green levers should

        face your chest.

6.     Place the fuser into the printer, aligning the blue knobs and main

        connector in their proper position. Press down firmly on the tops of the

        left and right fuser covers to engage the fuser's connector. If you feel

        any solid resistance, STOP! The fuser and printer may sustain

        irreparable damage if forced into place when improperly aligned. Lift

        the fuser up and reset it into position. It may be necessary to slightly

        wiggle or pivot the fuser into place.

7.     Secure the fuser by turning the blue knobs clockwise until the fuser is

        locked in place. If the blue knobs are hard to turn, turn them counter-

        clockwise a few times, then start turning clockwise.


If the printer/fuser makes a grinding or moaning noise after installing the fuser, remove it and reinstall it, ensuring that it is seated properly.


LaserJet 5500/5550 Fuser


        The 5500 and 5500 fusers look almost identical but are not interchangeable. They can easily be misidentified, leading to problems upon installation/replacement. The printer will display a 50.4 FUSER ERROR in any instance of the wrong fuser being installed in the printer.

        If the printer reports a 50.4 FUSER ERROR, verify that you are installing a 5500 fuser into a 5500 printer or a 5550 fuser into a 5550 printer. To identify which model fuser you have, inspect the main drive gear on the left side of the fuser. The 5500 fuser has a white gear and the 5550 fuser has a black gear.


        If the fuser's sleeve does not spin when you manually turn the gear, please do not assume that the fuser will not run in the printer. At room temperature, the grease applied inside the sleeve thickens and may actually prevent the sleeve from spinning. When the fuser is installed and run in the printer, the grease will heat up and attain proper viscosity.


        If the printer's display panel reads "REPLACE FUSER KIT", replace the fuser assembly and perform the following procedure:

Press the 'down arrow' button until the display reads 'CONFIGURE DEVICE'. Press the 'check' then press the 'down arrow' button until the display says 'RESETS'. Press the ''check' ' button. Press the 'down arrow' button until the display says 'RESET SUPPLIES' then press the ''check' ' button. Press the 'down arrow'  button to select 'FUSER' then press the ''check'  button.