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2400 2410 2420 2430 Noise Repair Kit

Author: Fuser Printer Parts Reference Number: AA-00141 Views: 3763 Created: 06-17-2010 05:20 pm Last Updated: 09-18-2013 04:22 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

2400 2410 2420 2430 Noise Repair Kit

This kit is the parts needed to repair fuser gear noise.



Models Used: 2400

Instruction Version: 9/6/08

Expected Duty Life: N/A

OEM Part Number: N/A


Kit Contents:

1 HP RU5-0378-000CN

1 HP RU5-0379-000CN

1 HP RU5-0377-000CN



Remove Paper Tray:

Locate the horizontal groove in the front of the machine. Pull the paper tray straight back away from the machine.

Remove Toner Cartridge:

Locate the toner cover release at the top front of the machine. Pull back on the release. Pull back on the toner door. Locate the handle on the toner cartridge. Lift slightly up and then out of the machine.

Remove Back Cover:

Turn the machine around. Locate the tab on the face down delivery door and pull the door open. Locate the two tabs, one on each side of the door, that keep the door captive. Release the tabs and pull the door down. Locate the two screws, one on each side of the door, and remove the screws. Locate the two tabs on the inside of the paper tray cavity. Use a flat blade screwdriver or a spring hook to release these tabs to remove the back cover.

Remove the I/O Cover:

Pull the right side of the I/O cover away from the machine. Clear the captive tabs from the machine and remove the cover.

Remove the Fuser Cable Cover:

Locate the fuser cable cover at the right side of the fuser frame. Locate and release the tab for the cover. Rotate the cover towards the center of the machine and remove.

Remove the Duplexer Inlet Guide:

Locate the duplexer inlet guide at the base of the fuser. Use a flat blade screwdriver or spring hook to lift up on the two tabs that keep the guide captive. Remove the guide by pulling straight back from the machine.

Remove the Fuser:

Locate the wire connectors at each side of the fuser. Note: The wire harness at the left of the fuser that connects to the power supply is a captive wire harness. Remove the two wire harnesses. Locate the four screws at the corners of the fuser and remove the screws. Tilt the fuser slightly down and pull it away from the machine.

Replace the Faulty Gears:

Locate the gear cluster at the top of the left side of the fuser cavity. The three gears that are to be replaced are located around a fourth gear that will not be replaced. Using a small flat blade screwdriver or a spring hook, depress the tab on the inside of the 19 tooth gear, the one closest to the back of the machine, and remove and replace that gear. Locate and remove the 20 tooth gear at the lowest position of the three gears. Replace the 20 tooth gear. Locate and remove the 21 tooth gear at the position closest to the front of the machine. Replace the 21 tooth gear.

Note: The gears can be replaced in the wrong position, so replace these gears one at a time.

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